We want to promote all our local artists and crafty folk and sing from the rooftops how proud we are to have skilled and lovely people living within the Six Pilgrims area. So I’ve started a section under SHOP to showcase; locally made, artisan, home-grown or home-cooked items for sale.

If you were not aware we have a very enjoyable Saturday morning shop at the Babcary Hut, which opens from 9.30-11.00, where you can buy and sell home-made and home-grown goodies as well as have a free coffee & natter.

If you would like a page on here to promote your hand-made & locally produced things, you can display your products here and link to where people can purchase them, but we can’t use Paypal ‘BuyNow’ buttons until we get our own hosting. Hopefully when this site grows we can get someone to sponsor it so we can get our own hosting, which will enable the site to offer many more useful community features and a perhaps even a marketplace.

To request your own artisan page, please use the form below to email in a request for a display page where you can list your items and join in with our creative community.


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