When flower guru Nicky Llewellyn goes walking in the conservation area behind her home in Babcary she looks for ideas. Out, one Bank Holiday, she had a big one – a “Flower Power” Festival that would harness the creative talents of the adjacent Six Pilgrim parishes and raise money for much needed church facilities.

Nicky’s extraordinary sense of colour and design can be seen at weddings and events throughout the country and is often featured in the pages of the best coffee-table magazines. She is leading a team of experienced volunteers who will stage the Festival in Holy Cross Church, Babcary, over the weekend of May 28 and 29, with an invitation-only preview for sponsors on May 27.

“I was walking through this field of extraordinary wild flowers near our home and was struck by their strong association with the village,”

Nicky says.

“Flowers are what set Babcary apart; people love them, and by coming to see them imaginatively designed and presented, they can help us raise funds for facilities which are desperately needed.”

As well as Babcary, the “Six Pilgrims” comprise the parishes of Alford, Hornblotton, Lovington, North Barrow and South Barrow. The organising committee hope the Babcary event will be a “template” for a regular festival which rotates annually round the constituent villages of the parish and attracts people from an even wider catchment.

“Along with the flowers, we will be putting on an All-Day Breakfast for visitors,”

said fellow organiser Don Carey.

“We will also be providing guided tours of the listed water-meadows to see, among other things, the rare wild orchids”.

“The festival could hardly be better timed, coming at the beginning of half-term and immediately after the Chelsea Flower Show, which always reminds people of the power of flowers to enhance lives. It seems particularly appropriate at a time of austerity and hardship.”

All donations and money raised over the weekend will go to the Six Pilgrims Churches Fund. For more details please phone Nicky Llewellyn 07966-173277


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