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Phobia Cure

I have offered a half hour fast phobia cure using NLP, as one of the auction items for Elizabeth’s coffee morning, just to inform a little on what that is, here is a brief explanation;

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, and is basically a selection of techniques to identify and change the limiting belief and behavioural patterns we somehow manage to condition ourselves with.

What is a phobia?

A phobia triggered by an external signal, whether that be visually stimulated, a sound or words heard, a feeling felt, the smell or taste of something, or a set of signals or cues, which trigger an automatic consistent, uncontrollable panic response to an internal representation.

A key characteristic that holds a phobia together is getting stuck into a very associated state, where we are sucked back to directly experience the trauma from that point in time in the past. Post-traumatic stress disorder has the same structure.

What causes a phobia?

A phobia can begin with something quite small, sometimes an event can happen and will jolt us from our comfort zone, with shocking information which is different in nature to what we previously believed to be true about the world around us.

When we don’t process these happenings fully and give ourselves the freedom to express the pain and discomfort they may have caused at the time, our subconscious will create associations and signals to warn us to fear whatever we associated our attention with at that time. When we then act on that fear signal with a fear reaction, we strengthen it and it becomes anchored into our being and behaviour.

How phobias are created?

Over time, with repetition the signal becomes more subtle and the reaction more intense until it becomes an irrational fear, or a phobia. A phobic reaction is traumatic, debilitating, immobilizing and seems completely out of our control

What is happening in these moments is that we are responding and reacting to the images  we have created in our minds from our imagination,  we are not responding accurately to the object we have projected our fear onto. That object becomes the trigger to our inner signal, to activate a fear response and in itself is a symptom and not the cause of the fear.

How can a phobia be cured?

Every day we take on board information from the world around us and adopt selections of what we see and experience into our subconscious,  we then interpret and give meaning to what specific parcels of information represents to us, which we subsequently turn into guidelines to follow and adhere to, whether that be through environmental, educational, parental or peer influences.

Using NLP we can identify and break down the signals that trigger the fear and panic responses and dissolve the associations, giving freedom to react according to the correct level of response required for everyday life.

Unlike counselling NLP does not take you back into the painful moment, we use techniques to bypass the trauma to disconnect the associations with it and reconnect new associations with our own empowering resources, clarity and judgement.

Although a phobia can take years to cure by conventional methods, the NLP phobia treatment, which involves dissociation, can cure phobias in one session.

I am also available for personal life-coaching and life-direction sessions.


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