Craft & Vintage Fair

I am hoping to organise a Craft, Home-produced and Vintage fair in Babcary at some point, possibly in the Summer.

I would like the theme to represent all the wonderful artistic and skilled people we have in this part of the world, along with promoting a sense of appreciating  well made items and celebrating individual style to move away from the mass manufactured throw away society.

I will be looking for stall holders who fit the categories below, if you would like a stall, please contact Carole by using the form below;

  • Craft maker
  • Artist
  • Restorer/Upcycler
  • Local food producer/home-made foods
  • Vintage or Antique Trader
  • Creative demonstrations
  • Children’s crafts

Also I’ll be looking for people who would like to help out, marshalls for car parking, marquees and general help setting and clearing up. If you’d like to volunteer to help, that would be fantastic and very appreciated, please let me know.


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