Whizz, bang, fizz & a massive lightshow at Babcary’s 40th firework display

The rain held off thankfully, with frozen fingers gripped to the camera I couldn’t feel what buttons I was pressing, but I managed to get a few snaps of the wonderful displays on show at Babcary’s 40th firework display.

First thing to do, get a drink and some welcome hot food, served by an army of volunteer ladies in the kitchen then over to see the incredible laser light show, set to music, the shapes shining out electric neon green  out of the darkness of a cold November night sky.

The bonfire was lit now and taking off, adding a hot orange glow in the corner of the field, crowds were gathering.

Against the fiery flames you could just make out a silhoutte figure as George tended to proceedings and set out the fireworks whilst the crowds were cordoned off to a safe viewing zone.

A father and son gazing up at the fireworks.

Then the whizzing, fizzing, bangs and pops began to explode showers of colour fuelled sparks into the sky.

The sky was filled with colour and shrieks of joy from the onlookers.

Away from the hurley burley, a few were entertaining themselves with sparklers twirling, making patterns and spirals painting with light ona black canvas.

Then it was back to judge the poster competition from some very talented children, their entry’s reflected the atmosphere of the fireworks displays beautifully.

Back outside the skies ablaze building up to the finale, which I missed because I got chatting, oops! But you can imagine from the build up…

WOW what a fantastic show – thanks to all the volunteers for all their hard work.

All photo’s © Carole Bohanan


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