It rained and it rained and it rained

All night long the rain came down and in the daytime too, hardly a break in the clouds appeared until about half past two.

There are actually two drains under this lake, not that you’d know it from wading through.

I tried to get past the cars on the pavement to get a better view, but had to wait until later as the roadside river was too deep.

A car drives by, sending waves my way, as they lap around my toes.

The village inn looks picturesque now it’s nestled by a lake.

A few hours later the sun breaks through, and a blue sky starts to emerge, the waters gradually start to drain from the central parts of the roads.

I wandered down to the actual river where it spread into the meadow and beyond, then back up along the lane and home in time for a cuppa.

On another completely random note, is it true that a heavily pregnant A-list star has been sighted at the inn? We’re all wondering who the mystery couple are and is she going to give birth in Babcary. The plot thickens…

All photographs ©Haregraphics.



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