#BabcaryNativity – who is that mystery pregnant celeb the inn turned away?

Journo requests information on the hunt for the heavily pregnant superstar, allegedly spotted by our sources getting turned away from the village inn – just who is she? What kind of star would be about to come to rural Somerset to give birth we wonder?

Other sources have told Wings Magazine that they’re not suprised as there has long been a legend that there will be the discovery of a Royal Baby in Babcary. Other sources have confirmed that Babcary is the location of the Virgo virgin in the glastonbury zodiac and that the name Babcary actually comes from the ancient Baby Carer – All astrologers are reporting, blogging and posting that the current astrological alignments are heralding the birth of a new era. Many local astrologers and experts are saying that this rare planetary alignment will shine  truth upon us and will initiate the beginning of an age of peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

Join with us on this Babcary Nativity Trail, as we gather together to hunt for the mystery pregnant star. We begin the trail by paying our taxes to the infamous King Herod and signing the census at the Babcary Hut, December 16th 3.30.

Is this story about to be brought to life, right up to date and right here, right now – It’s really happening – come join in the joy and fun and laughter & experience the birth of something amazing.

#babcaryhappening, #babcarybirth.


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