#babcarynativity update

That was EPIC! Thank you Nikki!  We estimate there were over 150 people come to take part in the Nativity Trail – it was pretty amazing. We are now working on the DVD. Ben has the mammoth task of editing – and we’re putting together a supplementary booklet with background info for ‘the making of #babcarynativity’ – so all those who came along and took photos please get in touch cos we’d love to use them.

Hope you all had a moving experience & had lots of fun too. Thanks for participating everyone, we’d love to hear what you thought so please leave your comments below.


One thought on “#babcarynativity update

  1. Dear Nikki
    What a fantastic coup pulling off such a brilliantly enacted nativity yesterday ! It was so well done and most enjoyable. I think the West End and Hollywood are missing out on some serious talent that we have here…………………..and your little chap was a complete star in the stable scene ! Many thanks from me and Arthur to all involved – it was a huge success.
    Happy Christmas

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