#babcarynativity King Herod Speaks

Wow! Fantastic! Brilliant – what a show; and where did all the people come from?
Who was the chief scribe behind the beard? Great shepherds, even if the lambs stole the show; could we hear from the landlady of the Fox and Hounds one more time? angelic voiced angels, the Wise Men should have a show of their own; we could say Dave the used camel dealer is type cast; there was no standing room at the Inn so I can’t say but I’ve never seen so many arabs in the pub; the bells were on cue; the whole Nativity scene was so perfect that several people said they felt quite overcome with emotion and I think Father Christmas had enough chocolates for all the children without them having to share!  Thanks for the wine and mince pies – they all disappeared. Over to the “Wings TV News Team” now for the film version.

We are please to report The “taxes” collected raised £115.35 for the Children’s Hospice South West.

Please could you get any props or costumes back to their owners or let me know if you don’t know where they came from.

If you have any digital photos of the Nativity please can you send them to us or post on here or the facebook page:!/pages/Babcary-Nativity/182212508507302
Thanks King Herod (aka Simon)


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