Babcary Clock Golf Tournament 2013

lrGOLF_77Sunday August 10th 2013 saw the annual ”adults only’ event for Babcary village. The sun was shining as it always seems to do on Clock Golf day, the afternoon tea and cakes were delightful and all had a wonderful time. Thanks to the organisers and the hosts, this year it was Elizabeth and David who was last year’s champion.

The winner of this year and champion, not for the first time, was Judy Herton – congratulations Judy!



The lady finalists, Elizabeth and Judy shake hands after an exciting game.

LRGOLF_123This year we saw an all lady semi finals – watch out chaps.

LRGOLF_127Simon’s new technique for getting the ball in the hole consisted of him bouncing up and down on the green, lucky for him it worked.


LRGOLF_114Watching the action and chatting about old ships!

LRGOLF_100LRGOLF_80Tea and cakes were gorgeous.


LRGOLF_89 LRGOLF_87LRGOLF_99and now for some of the action…LRGOLF_90LRGOLF_85LRGOLF_76 LRGOLF_72 LRGOLF_66LRGOLF_63


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