Babcary Harvest Supper Pictures 2013

Sorry pix are a bit late getting posted this year. The weather was great not too cold and we were lucky with the light as we were preparing to shoot a group picture for the annual Babcary calendar, which has been compiled by Simon Hoar. They will be on sale via the Saturday shop I believe and feature old black and white photos taken in the 1800’s and early 1900’s and contemporary comparisons.

As usual the food was yummy and is always served so smoothly thanks to an army of volunteers. The entertainment was spectacular, we really have such a talented bunch of artists and musicians in the village – all in all it was a fabulous event, as it always is with lots of laughs. LR_157 LR_161 LR_170 LR_172 LR_173 LR_175 LR_176 LR_179 LR_185 LR_187 LR_188 LR_191 LR_193 LR_196 LR_198 LR_199 LR_203 LR_206 LR_207 LR_212

Welcome to the new resident, Ms Polly Barton who entertained us by singing Islands in the Stream – she’s looking fabulous, I must get her stylists number.LR_223 LR_228 LR_231 LR_233 LR_242 LR_244 lr_265 LR_266 LR_268 LR_271 LR_272 LR_274 LR_276 LR_278 LR_280 LR_281 LR_286 LR_287 LRbenlizzie216 LRbenpiano LRlizzie


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