My little back garden archaology dig

dig5 This may interest nobody other than myself, but it has kept me fascinated and occupied most of the summer. It all began when my intention was to plant some flowers in front of my shed but as soon as I attempted to put shovel to ground it went clunk.

So I persist and dig up loads of stones and layers of clay to discover these flagstones, and a wall and what looks like a water connection pipe or a gas pipe. The wall is about a couple of feet deep with vertical flags on the outerside,  away from where I am standing here.

dig6To the right is a deeper hole about 3 feet deep in which I have discovered lots of broken china, glass, chunks of poison bottle, old bones including big joint bones and a length of a broken ceramic waste pipe . The prize find was this object below – which after some research I learned it was a pre-war gynocological lavage! The mind boggles why I should find one of these in the bottom of the garden.

canister canister2It is a glass cylinder with 2 bakelite ends which screw off and a plunger syringe on the inside. I have since found the handle which pushes the plunger down, it had broken off but still fits through the hole at the top.

dig3This was the glass stopper in a lovely aqua shade.

After digging up many many stones and going through a layer of sand and then about a foot of solid clay on the deeper dig – I find some more flag stones – then suddenly the earth starts disappearing and I unearth this hole beneath the flags.  Spooky!  So now I am wondering, eeek. Do I continue and dig up the flags to see what or whom is down there or leave it.

What would you do?



I’ve managed to remove the big flag that is just being discovered above, only to discover 2 solid stone walls filled with grey clay that look like they go down another few feet. Condidering I’m already about 4 ft down here – what in earth is down there? Is it foundations for a former building, a tomb, a soak away, a cellar… what?

If anyone knows – let me know thanks.

dig11 dig12 dig13FURTHER UPDATES

Well I suspect what I’ve found is probably more than likely to be the old cess pit – but I’m still not 100% sure, that’s just a guess. I’ve uncovered another huge slab and peering inside the hole with a torch all I can see is a big hole and more chunks of grey clay. I did dig down an remove the grey clay until I got to another layer of solid yellow clay – beyond that I don’t know.

dig14Whilst redistributing the soil to another  part of the garden I came across this shell casing. Which has the figures; S  10  14  3 on the underside. I have been told by my friend who is an expert on WW1 that is is a WW1 bullet from a 303 SMLE round. The date being 10 for October and 14 for 1914. I wonder who shot it and why and why here – perhaps it was the home guard, suggested my friend Graham.

dig17…and below is a pic of a selection of finds I have unearthed whilst digging my way to China!



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