Clock golf 2014 in pictures

This year’s Clock Golf was rained off initially then rescheduled for the next week with much better weather. The reigning champ’ Judy hosted this most prestigious tournament along with Michael at the newly mowed lawn. I passed the lawn mower on my way up the garden, which is now resting as an art installation.LR616

Judy and Michael play each other, would you believe this was the first time they ever had.LR622Spectator most fowl.  LR624 LR627

Rita played very well considering her recent op’, she proudly shows off her scar.LR633 LR636



Oh – what a shot!LR639

The boys were knocked out quite early this year – woohoo for the Babcary girls


Rita giving it some wellyLR644 LR651 LR657 LR663

Mary and Judy both playing exceedingly well at the final, it was a close call – right down to the final hole and a tie-breaker and Mary became the winner of this year’s Clock Golf.LR666 LR667

Congratulations – well played both of you. Now you’ll be hosting it next year Mary…LR671 LR674 And now for a little tipple. Cheers.LR677


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