How to Contribute

This is a community blog for all people living in the Six Pilgrim’s area. I set it up for reisdents to use as an online space to share news; events; stories and to even have their own online page to promote business or local activities. All you need to do is sign with WordPress, give yourself a Username and Password, then let the administrator know you wish to participate, and we can add you to the contributor list, then you are good to go.

Once you are logged in, you can add contributions to this blog site with your news and photo’s, stories, history, information etc, in fact anything within reason that you consider may be of interest to other local residents.

Sign Up & Join in the new online community

To get started, you need to sign up for an account. On the first screen, you will be asked for a username, password, and email address. You must agree to the fascinating terms of service. Ignore where it asks you to also select whether you would like a blog URL such as created because you only need to setup a username-only account, that is or course unless you want to start your own blog too.

Once you have a username, then you can contact us here with your username, ( keep your password secret, we don’t need to know that ) and we will add you as a contributor. Once that’s done you will be able to log in using your own username and password and be able to start adding posts and pictures, music, video, news and views – in fact anything you want to, as long as it’s in relation to stuff going on within the local area.

You can add also a link to your business to our business section. or if you would like your own page to tell us more and keep people informed of your news and projects, let the admin know and we can set up the page ready for you.

Now you’ve signed up – What Next?

Once you have activated your account, you should login to using the login form at the top left of the home page. After you login, you’ll see a gray admin bar along the top of all web pages. The admin bar has quick links for getting to your account pages, blog dashboard, creating a new post, and more. Click on the My Dashboard link to get to the settings and editing pages for our blog.

Start Writing!

To create a new post, go to Posts > Add New from the dashboard or use the New Post link in the gray admin bar shown at the top of pages while you are logged in. Write your post, select the relevant categories for it to appear under the correct page and publish, or schedule to publish on a set date.

For more advice on how to use WordPress, here’s a handy video on “writing a post”

Video about wordpress blogs


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